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Liprobel is at the centre of society

The production of lipids and proteins in Belgium builds on a century-old tradition that started with pressing linseed and rapeseed using wind and water power. Now, Liprobel represents the rich diversity of Belgium's production of vegetable oils and proteins and refined animal fats. The sector represents a joint annual processing of 3 million metric tons in rapeseed, sunflower seed, soya beans, linseed, maize germ, crude rape oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, maize germ oil and linseed oil and raw beef and pork fat. This represents a trade value of 2 billion euros a year. 

Belgium’s ports and good road and water connections with North-West Europe mean that it is a hub in the international trade of lipids and proteins.

Liprobel members import 87% of their raw materials, of which 56% from within the EU and 31% from outside the EU. Liprobel members export 47% of the lipids and proteins that they produce, of which 44% to other countries inside the EU and 3% to countries outside the EU.

Liprobel is fully aware of the role that the industry has to play in feeding an increasing world population in a sustainable manner. The sector operates in the area of life cycle analysis of lipids and proteins through the European Federation, FEDIOL.

Liprobel is a member of the Belgian Alliance on Sustainable Palm Oil